J. J. Keller is the trusted source for safety and regulatory compliance products and services that help you increase safety awareness, reduce risk, follow best practices,and stay current with changing regulations.

etrucker.com is a community of truckers and trucking companies in North America. Owned and operated by Randall-Reilly Publishing, etrucker.com offers its users Community, Services and Information.

MAGTEC® provides you with 24-7-365 control over your fleet and keeps your trucks and cargo safe, no matter what. You can monitor the progress of your fleet and the actions of your drivers every step of the way.
MAGTEC® is a registered trademark of Magtec Products, Inc.

Transport Security, Inc. - ENFORCER® has been a leader in providing High Security Solutions for trucks, trailers and containers for over 25 years. The ENFORCER® Security Products meet need for high quality security products that security professionals demand. We take great pride in offering these products to you with "off the shelf" speed, while time is taken to tailor each product to your specific needs.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA)
SAFER functions are now provided free of charge over the Internet. Carrier Snapshots, a concise electronic record of a carrier’s identification, size, commodity information, and safety record, including the safety rating (if any), a roadside out-of-service inspection summary, and crash information. The carrier snapshot is available via an ad-hoc query (one carrier at a time).

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